Labrador, Chesapeake Bay, and Golden Retriever Training & Breeding
in Eastern North Carolina, NC

Dee and Brandy in the North Carolina Marsh Hunting. Gun Dog training for Labrador, Chesapeake Bay & Golden Retrievers to hunt ducks and other waterfowl since 1999.

As of June 1st, 2012 we will no longer compete in AKC Hunt Tests. I am at an age where I have decided to slow down and train a very limited amount of retrievers. For my clients who choose to compete in AKC Hunt Tests, we will continue to train to the AKC standards and teach you to handle your retrievers in the level tests you choose to enter.

We have trained and titled over 158 AKC Junior, Senior, and Master Level Labrador, Chesapeake, and Golden Retrievers for our clients and many more quality gun dogs for hunting. View our results on the Hunt Test page.

We utilize the AKC Senior Hunt Test Standard as our personal goal for retriever gundog training. Electronic collars are only used when we are absolutely sure the retriever understands exactly what is expected of him/her.

We are a small Retriever Gundog training kennel and prefer to stay that way so each Retriever will receive more personalized training. To us, quality is more important than quantity.

We are located in Hubert, North Carolina, NC, where we've been operating since 1999.

Last modified on May 16th, 2015

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